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Achieving financial success can be a complex and confusing process to even the most experienced individuals – one that requires a significant amount of time, knowledge and resources.

Today’s financial environment demands an approach that incorporates the knowledge of skilled professionals, a variety of available services and products and the independence required to help provide suitable recommendations.

At Atlantic Financial Services, we utilize a step-by-step process to help inform and prepare you for your future and the future of your loved ones.


Michele and Al Klager

Our Process Includes

Goal Identification

Identifying your goals based on your financial needs.

Strategy Design

Designing a financial strategy specific to your particular needs


Assisting you in the implementation of your strategy


Monitoring and adjusting your strategy over time as needs change

When was the last time you have had a portfolio analysis?

Allow Atlantic Financial Services to help guide you through your financial plan.


Meet Al Klager

Al Klager has been helping individuals and families with their financial planning needs since 1997. He specializes in retirement income planning and is passionate about helping pre-retirees and retirees create strategies for lifetime income. At Atlantic Financial Services, we offer a wide range of products and services to assist you in crafting a sound financial strategy for the days ahead.

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